Inés Gregory Labarta

Inés Gregory Labarta (Madrid, 1992) suffered terrible nightmares as a child and believed she was visited by ghosts on three occasions. Skittish as a deer, she decided to put her childhood demons to constructive use, and started writing about the things that scare her. Her stories disturbed juries and editors enough to give her some awards, and she has now published three of her novels and one novella. She has recently started writing in English, and is currently doing a PhD in Creative Writing at Lancaster University. This, oddly enough, is the scariest and at the same time the most wonderful experience she has had so far. Apart from England, she has also lived in Ireland and Scotland. She loves apples in all their forms and colours. On misty days, she can be seen hiking in Scotland or the Lake District, doing sketches of the landscapes when the weather permits her to. Her ultimate goal is to walk to Japan and write a book about it.