Introducing This Year’s Novellas…

the-murder-of-miss-o-coverThe Murder of Miss O by Issara Simone Edwards

“I wanted to know what it was like to end a life. I wanted to see what I would become…”

Emma-O feels like her life is going nowhere. Her aspirations are knocked down, her family screwed up, and her faith in reality is wavering dangerously. Jnana feels trapped. His desire to please is leading him down a shadowy and uncertain road. His life is dictated by an overbearing family, and he has fallen in with a dangerous crowd. Sky is one half of a pair, seemingly powerful, but as lost and desperate as everyone else. A partial re-imagining of the ancient myth of Persephone, The Murder of Miss O is a tale of darkness, deception, power and control. Illustrated by the author.

Affliction by Kasim
“I felt a strange fluttering in my stomach, a sort of tentative excitement that I was afraid to explore.”

Scar lives in a comfortable apartment with her long-term partner and has an enviable job showcasing new and exciting technologies to the public. But she has become bored and disillusioned with her lover, with her job – and with herself. Then she hears of a new technology that seems to offer her the opportunity to change everything, and she grabs it with both hands, having unimaginable new experiences which inevitably lead her to compromise her own identity. Nothing is free, and Scar soon finds that the price is higher than she could have ever imagined. Illustrated by Sofia Myrah.

mctavish-manor-coverMcTavish Manor by Inés Gregory Labarta

“I need to find a way out, but my body is poisoned and won’t obey.”

Scotland, 1803. A rejected marriage proposal compels a doctor to escape to the Highlands, but what starts as a rural retirement soon becomes a dangerous challenge when he realises that the inhabitants of the house are more threatening than the wild mountains themselves. In the cruellest point of the winter, a mysterious illness descends on the house, turning people into monsters. The servants claim that a bhampair is hiding among them, but Mrs McLean tries to find a logical explanation. The doctor wants to develop a vaccine against the disease, but he is hunted by the memories of his bloody past. Who is the real monster inside the isolated mansion in Glenfinnan? Illustrated by Mireia Ibañez Cid.

Dear Henry by Connor Wraydear-henry-cover

“It’s like working your whole life toward something you never knew you’d even get to see.”

In March 2000, Robert Henderson faked his own death to give his new born son, Henry, a life that he knew he would never be able to provide. Thirteen years later he attempts to reconnect by means of a letter. Over two years, the pair explore what it is to be father and son, forging a relationship that neither one has ever truly known. On the eve of Henry’s fifteenth birthday, the only thing left is for them to finally meet. That, however, is where the real problem arises… Told entirely through letters, Dear Henry is a glimpse into the life of an unfortunate Scouser and the child he once knew, exploring the bonds between fathers and sons. Illustrated by Bustles Lloyd.


It Is Something To Have Been by Carly Schabowski

“I write, because, my dearest, what else do I have?”

Our mistakes are our own; our private lives private; but what if they weren’t? What if someone was watching, their pen at the ready? Harry Winter is a writer whose life is anything but simple. Starting in World War II, he lives through those he meets and those he watches. Bit by bit, lives are intertwined, his losses become theirs, their secrets become his, until no one, least of all Harry, is sure of what is real and what is not. It Is Something To Have Been explores themes of love, loss and redemption, and the creative process itself. Illustrated by Bustles Lloyd. Cover photograph by Alice Pennefather.

All five novellas are due to be released on 3 October 2016. To find out more about our authors, click here.


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